X-Poly VST/AU 2.0

Synthesizer Emulator

X-Poly VST/AU is a software tool for digital audio and music production. This software is a powerful synthesizer emulator that produces synth-driven sound similar to that of the 80's electronica music.

This software is not limited to that kind of music. X-Poly VST/AU can be used with all music genres. This software also goes beyond the 80's type of electronic sounds by adding improvements and additional features to the software.

This software has two oscillators with four sub-oscillators spaced one octave apart. You can do a blending between the oscillators and produce your own sound.

You can choose between sawtooth and square waveforms. X-Poly VST/AU also includes a global filter for all voice input, stereo noise generator, chorus effects and more.

Overall, this software is a good tool for music production. It adds warm fuzzy sounds and atmospheric pad sounds to any composition without having to buy multiple musical devices and instruments.

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